Plain Grip-Seal Bags - 160/180g

Clear polythene bags which can be resealed at will. These plastic bags are very popular for DIY items like hooks and screws. Available in a wide range of sizes.

Our plain grip-seal bags (160/180 gauge) are an ideal choice for a large assortment of items and merchandise. The seal is easy to open and close which results in the products within the packaging lasting for a long time and being protected from damage which could occur from moisture, dirt, dust etc. This variation is lightweight and offers superior visual clarity which results in a high quality, consistent product that is cost-effective and highly versatile in application. These plain grip-seal bags are an ideal choice for packaging hardware, DIY assets and general miscellaneous items.

Plain Grip-Seal Bags - 160/180g
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Gauge 200
Material Polythene
Type Plain