Pure Ribbed Kraft Sheets

High quality Kraft paper pre-cut into reams of 250 sheets.

A premium high-quality, strong paper used for packaging goods of all shapes and sizes. The wood pulp is in it's purest form which creates a durable material with a visible sheen. Paper is still favoured by many as it is recyclable, economical to buy and easy to work with.

Our packs of 250 sheets means you get a practical amount to work with at a time and we stock both 70gsm or 88gsm in a selection of sizes.

Please note: The largest sheets: 1150 x 1140mm are supplied in packs of 125.

  • Biodegradable (eco-friendly).
  • Strong paper.
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • User-friendly, pre-packed in 250 x sheets.
  • Saves time cutting rolls.

Pure Ribbed Kraft Sheets
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