Anti-Static Bubble Bags (Electronics)

Anti-Static Bubble Bags are designed for electrical components and computer hardware as they do not generate a static charge during use. Also referred to as Bubble Envelopes and Bubble Pouches.

Manufactured from thoroughly tested premium grade bubble material specifically for non-static properties, offering total protection for your goods. 

  • Lightweight and user friendly.
  • Superb cushioning & protective properties.
  • Prevents damage during storage or transportation of fragile items.
  • Saves time – No cutting or taping of Bubble Wrap sheets.
  • Tidier and reduces waste.
  • Professional presentation of your products.
  • Smooth inside for easy product insertion.
  • Good range of popular sizes in stock.
  • Quotations for bespoke sizes on request.
  • Made from 100% recycled material.
  • Dyed pink to signify suitability for electrical components.
  • Feature anti-static properties preventing electrostatic charges forming inside the bag.
Anti-Static Bubble Bags (Electronics)
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Colour Pink
Anti-Static Yes
Bubble Size CL or 9mm (Small)

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