Black Refuse Sacks (Bin Liners)

Plastic polythene bin bags available in a large selection of different sizes perfect for storing and transporting rubbish.

Black polythene bags or refuse sacks are the traditional approach when dealing with rubbish or unwanted belongings. There is a lot of variety in terms of size, tying method and thicknesses, but all of our black bin liners are economical, versatile and easy to work with a range of products. Our extensive collection of black sacks caters for bins of all sizes, so measure your bin and choose the most appropriate option.

  • When you are sizing up your bin, it is always worth taking into account the requirements for an overhang and the potential room for tying when full.
  • Please be aware that the thicker the gauge of the bag, the stronger and more resilient to punctures or tearing it should be.
Black Refuse Sacks (Bin Liners)
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