Coloured PVC (Vinyl) Tape

Coloured PVC tape can be used for heavier duty packaging tasks because of its increased strength and overall performance. Also practical for colour coding packaging.

PVC pressure-sensitive tape is made from polyvinyl chloride film with a natural rubber and resin-based solvent adhesive which is more aggressive than the cheaper Polypropylene options. Our PVC tape has a number of beneficial properties which make it a favoured choice throughout many different industrial sectors. It is an effective choice when working with irregular surfaces, it is silent when coming off the roll which helps reduce overall noise pollution in the workplace and the aggressive adhesive lasts longer than other variations and will not become unstuck during use. Other popular elements regarding Vinyl tape is that is thick, comfortable to use, strong and tough, has a high resistance to temperatures and to moisture whilst remaining clearly visible at all times (may be difficult if you choose clear tape!).

If you are looking for a colour or a size we do not have listed here, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Coloured PVC (Vinyl) Tape
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