Economy Glue Gun - G250

A hotmelt glue gun is an ideal option for bonding various decorations, artificial flowers, household repairs, and DIY/craft projects.

This glue gun is simple to use; simply insert a suitable glue stick and heat it up by connecting it to a power source and then gently pull the trigger to apply the glue. Remove from the power source when finished with. This hot melt glue gun is proven to deliver successful and consistent results.

  • 100-240V / 9W (55W)
  • Heats the glue, up to 193˚C
  • Trigger feed for even glue flow.
  • Perfect for home repairs, hobbies and crafts.
  • Toys, Decorations, artificial flowers, furniture, woodworking and cardboard.
  • Instructions on how to use on the back of the packaging.

Glue is sold separately.

Economy Glue Gun - G250
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