Heat Shrink Tunnels - Tunnel Only

If you already have a shrink chamber and are now looking to incorporate a heat tunnel into the process then look no further, we can help.

Heat shrink tunnels can be combined with a range of semi-automatic or fully automatic heat shrink chambers to make large systems capable of handling large production runs with high volume output. The tunnel is the heating part of the kit, so you would usually use a chamber to initially apply the plastic and cut to shape. Once cut the product would enter the heating tunnel via a conveyor, even heat is applied around the products in a quick and efficient manner and in a matter of seconds the product leaves the other end of the tunnel, fully wrapped in shrink film.

See a complete system in action.

We can offer a broad range of packaging equipment and machinery to help your business meet the demands of a modern and fast paced marketplace. If you are interested in discussing what type of Heat Shrink Chamber, Tunnel or combination of the two or indeed any other type of system could benefit your business. Please contact our friendly sales team today.