Bubble Wrap | Single Rolls

Individual rolls of bubble wrap are perfect for eBay sellers or people moving home. 300 - 900mm sizes.

AirCap® Sealed-Air Bubble Wrap sold by the roll (bundles and larger sizes can be found in their own categories).

  • Versatile - Can be used for surface protection, cushioning protection or void fill applications.
  • Air barrier retention seal - Seals each bubble against air loss, and provides extra strength.
  • User-friendly - Tears in a straight line.
  • Durable - Longer lasting than other bubble wrap brands.
  • Environmental - Reusable and 100% recyclable.
  • Less waste - Due to the overall performance.

Looking for bundles or larger sizes (1200 - 1500mm)? SHOP BUNDLES

Bubble Wrap | Single Rolls
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