Serrated Strapping Seals

Serrated seals enhance the overall performance of strapping by creating an optimum seal joint due to their serrated inner face which provides superior grip.

These serrated seals are to be used in conjunction with Polypropylene or Polyester strapping types.

The overall effectiveness of a strapped load can be compromised by a weak seal joint. Serrated Seals address this issue and offer optimum seal efficiency. We supply the Safeguard brand of Serrated Seals ensuring comprehensive levels of seal quality. Through the strictest quality control and by using the finest materials available, Safeguard Seals are manufactured to the highest standards. This attention to detail has resulted in Safeguard Seals being able to offer the ultimate in seal integrity.

Safeguard Seals are the world leader in Strapping Seal quality and represent the pinnacle in seal performance. Upgrade to Safeguard now for the very best in seal performance and peace of mind.

Serrated Strapping Seals
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