White Sulphite Paper Bags

The White Paper Bag is a popular choice for packaging bread rolls and cakes. Sulphite paper is your most cost-effective solution.

White sulphite paper bags are the most economical option for your plain white food bag. All of our sulphite bags are produced from food-grade 33gsm paper, thus are suitable for direct contact with food products.

These bags are commonly used to package bread rolls, biscuits or double wrapping meats and cheeses (best wrap in plastic food sheets first).

The last two bag sizes in the matrix below feature side gussets which enable the bag to open out more (practical for larger bread-based products).

  • Lightweight and economical.
  • Full range of sizes.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Pre-strung for easy use and convenience.
  • Bespoke printing available on MOQ.

Want custom printed or bespoke sized paper bags? Please contact us.

White Sulphite Paper Bags
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Recyclable Yes
Suitable for food use Yes

Gussets mean extra-depth, thus offering larger capacities for big items. Our 2 x sizes are:

4 x 6 x 14" (100 x 150 x 350mm), packed in 500's.

7 x 11 x 15" (175 x 275 x 375mm), packed in 500's.

They are located at the bottom of the size/price matrix.

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