Pallet Layer Sheets

Pallet sheets in double-wall for interleaving between products.

Pallet sheets are lightweight pieces of cardboard designed for placing in-between products on pallets. Reasons for choosing pallet sheets could be to help increase the overall structural integrity of the pallet, making it sturdier and less likely to either tip over or crush products. They can also help identify a certain quantity of products (say per 100 boxes), or identify a change in product type, size, gauge and so on.


  • Cost-effective
  • Increase in structural integrity
  • Identification of quantities within pallet
  • Identification in change of product type or parameter
  • Recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly

Pallet quantities are available at reduced costs, delivery charges will apply. Contact us for a friendly chat about what we can offer you. Tel: 01209 204 777.

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