250ml Hexagonal Sauce Bottle

250ml hexagonal sauce is ideal option for sauces like tomato ketchup and mayonnaise.

The distinguished 250ml hex sauce bottle is our best-seller within the bottle range. With a wide 43mm neck both emptying and refilling comes easily. We wouldn’t recommend this bottle for thin sauces or vinegar, accidents may occur...but cram some ketchup, mayo or another thick sauce into this beauty and you will be onto a winner.

Our hex sauce bottles are supplied with 43mm gold twist-off lids as standard. Our metal lids are plastic-lined to protect them from corrosive substances like vinegar.

  • Highly distinguished.
  • Glass is 100% recyclable.
  • Reusable - Grab a bottle and go to a refilling station.
  • Crowd pleaser.
  • Gold lid supplied as standard.


250ml Hexagonal Sauce Bottle
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Height with Lid 189mm
Height without Lid 187mm
Neck Height (including rim) 77mm
Neck Height (not including rim) 68mm
Inner Neck Diameter 32mm
Outer Neck Diameter 38mm
Shoulder Indent 3mm
Middle Diameter (widest point) 50mm
Base Diameter 58mm
Lid Diameter 43mm
Lid Type Twist-Off
Lid Colour Gold
Made In Britain

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