Caterbox | Hinged Plastic Food Tubs

Full range of PET food tubs with hinged lids. Versatile packaging for lunchtime offerings and the ready-to-eat market in general.

Plastic hinged salad boxes are very popular for keeping your produce fresh and clearly visible to potential customers. The PET plastic is tough and durable and will help protect the produce from atmospheric conditions such as rain and dust but also from light damage that can occur during storage and transit. These containers are reliable and are available in different sizes and at a competitive price. Widely used to package salads, fruit and vegetables for various purposes whether it is for retail in supermarkets & grocery stores, or for delis, cafes and takeaway outlets for the eat-now market.

  • Hygienic food-safe product line.
  • Offers excellent clarity of products within.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Air-tight environment.
  • Recyclable plastic.
Caterbox | Hinged Plastic Food Tubs
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