Fruit Cage Netting

Fruit cage netting is an ideal solution for helping to protect your fruit and vegetables from birds. The closely woven mesh is a great deterrent and will stop most birds in their tracks.

Easy to work with, this fruit cage netting has been designed to help offer protection for fruit and vegetables against attacking birds and other animals (both domestic and wild). Especially effective when attached to some form of metal or timber frame structure surrounding the area under-going development. This particular netting is made from superior strength 20mm mesh which is a double stitched mono-thread and comes with a 10 year life expectancy. We have various sizes available, all of which offer great value for money.

All of our fruit cage netting has a 10yr life expectancy.

  • 2m x 100m (roll).
  • 4m x 100m (roll).
  • 6m x 100m (roll).
  • 8m x 100m (roll).
  • 12m x 50m (roll).

Prices on the website are costed per running meter. Choose a width, then state how long (in meters) you would like.

For full roll prices (multiple rolls), please send us an email or call us: 01209 204 777.

Fruit Cage Netting
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