Glue Sticks: 12mm Hot Melt

Various glue formulations which suit all of our 12mm glue guns.

5kg boxes of 12mm glue sticks which fit in a range of 12mm glue gun models. Our glue sticks are all hot melt and produced by StickFast for industrial and retail applications.

  • FFS - Fast Set: Fast setting stick for bonding card and paper, ideal for carton sealing and packaging.
  • Set time: 5-10 seconds.
  • Uses: Cardboard, Wood, Textile, Polystyrene.

  • MPS - Multipurpose: The most popular glue stick. Use for upholstery, fabrics, plastics etc. Long set time.
  • Set time: 20-30 seconds.
  • Uses Cardboard, Wood, Textile, Polystyrene, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic.
Glue Sticks: 12mm Hot Melt
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