Stickfast GX600 Glue Gun - Heavy Duty 18mm

Professional and powerful system with an ergonomic design. Adjustable heat, glue flow-rate and extra high output.

The GX600 is one of the heavier duty glue guns within the Stickfast range.


  • Temperature adjustment (control dial to suit glue application).
  • Glue flow-rate adjustment (adjuster screw to control amount dispensed).
  • Integral stand.
  • Rubberised grip (comfortable to hold, reduces operator stress).
  • Long trigger (easier to work with, reducing operator fatigue).
  • Illuminated on/off switch.


  • Extra high output.
  • High dispensing accuracy.
  • Comfortable use.


  • Powerful requirement: 240V 600W.
  • Operational temperature: 140-230°C.
  • Glue type: 18mm stick.
  • Maximum glue output: 2500g/hr.
Stickfast GX600 Glue Gun - Heavy Duty 18mm
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