Temporary Polythene Sheets

Clear and black polythene sheets are a great temporary option for protecting and covering up floors, holes and general construction or agricultural work either at home or in the workplace.

Polythene sheeting in clear and black is a thick, tough material that has many uses; it can be used to package, wrap and protect objects of all different forms from potential damage caused during transit or when in storage. It can be used to protect floors from getting scuffed or marked during house restoration or when undergoing maintenance or most commonly it is used to protect areas or objects within construction sites where building development is occurring and dust or dirt is commonplace. Simple to work with and available in a variety of different thicknesses and sizes, polythene sheeting is popular and often considered a cost-effective material within the agricultural, construction and packaging industries.

Black polythene sheeting is available, please call the office.

Temporary Polythene Sheets
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