Neck Sealing Tape (PVC)

Colourful 9mm PVC tape designed for sealing bread bags around the neck.

Neck sealing tape is made from PVC Vinyl and is commonly used to tie the necks of bread bags together in an easy, reliable and secure manner. This tape works in conjunction with a BN9 dispenser; the bread is placed inside the bag with the end of the bag being pinched then as the pinched neck is slid through the machine, the tape seals the bag. This is pressure sensitive tape and should ideally be kept out of the cold in warm conditions ideally ranging between 18 - 35°C.We have a broad range of 9mm x 66m tape available in a range of colours including red, yellow, green, blue, white and black.

Our highly renowned BN9 tape sealer is the perfect accompaniment for this tape, take the stress and hassle out of your everyday routine with this simple to use, productivity enhancing device!

Neck Sealing Tape (PVC)
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