Greeting Card Bags with Peel and Seal Lip

Clear plastic greeting card bags with a peel and seal lip. Practical, cost-effective and stylish.

Crystal clear greeting card sleeves that will ensure no matter how colourful, artistic or elegantly simple your greeting card designs may be, they will be presented in a professional manner which offers superior clarity, moisture resistance and protective reliability at an affordable price. Let your designs make the visual impact whilst the sleeve takes care of the rest. 

Our crystal clear polypropylene greeting card bags are manufactured in the UK from a very reliable 30mu high clarity film, and ought not be compared to inferior products originating from the Far East. The bags have a lovely crisp, stiff feel to them and are truly transparent. This style of bag is constructed with side welds and a self-adhesive flap for easy closing and clean presentation – simply pull off the cover strip and stick down.

Unsurprisingly, these greeting card bags are mainly used for bagging….greeting cards! However, since these bags are approved for direct contact with food they are also suitable for bagging sandwiches, salads, rolls, cakes, etc. where the produce inside really benefits from the high clarity.

Huge variety of sizes available!

We can supply pretty much any size of greeting card bag in standard polypropylene film or in next- generation PLA cornstatch biodegradable films. Please contact us if you would like further information.   


Greeting Card Bags with Peel and Seal Lip
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