Strong Plastic Carrier Bags | Vari-gauge

Luxurious and incredibly colourful gift/shopping bags with a high-quality finish.

These premium vari-gauge carrier bags have been manufactured from an extruded film, carefully designed to create a bag with a strong gauge at the bottom and twice that thickness at the top. Hence the thickness (or gauge) varies. The result is a bag with a very strong polythene construction where you want it most - at the top of the bag, around the handle area. We have all of our stock vari-gauge carrier bags produced from a proven 45/90mu (180/360g) film. 

These bags have a lot of appeal to both sellers and customers, with a stunning glossy finish and such a broad variety of vibrant colours they are hard not to notice and can also be easily tailored to branding themes and colour schemes.

  • Colourful and vibrant.
  • Strong base and even stronger handles.
  • Eye-catching and comfortable to carry.
  • Range of sizes.
  • Bespoke print is available (MOQ applies).
Strong Plastic Carrier Bags | Vari-gauge
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