Unstrung Reference Tickets

Unstrung reference tickets which are ideal for use with a tagging gun, or can be applied by hand. A duplicate receipt can be torn off and given to the customer as a reference for when they return to collect their goods.

These bordered reference tickets consist of a 2-part ticket allowing one part to be retained by the customer and the other part to be attached to the goods they have brought to you for repair or alteration.

Perforated for easy tear-off, both parts allow for the following details to be conveyed:

Ref Number




The top half of the tickets would be kept by the retailer, and benefits from a punched hole which allows for easier attachment to the item brought in, preferably with a tagging gun but could equally be done manually.

 These popular reference tickets are available in various colours to help with identification, and could be used as part of a stock control colour coding system.

Produced from a good quality consistent board and featuring high print quality, yet very economical to purchase. Priced in boxes of 1000.

Currently we only stock the blue option but there are other colours available so please contact us if you would like to discuss alternative otpions. 


Unstrung Reference Tickets
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