White Kraft Twist Handle Carrier Bags

White Kraft paper carrier bags with white twist handles. Clean and bright, these shopping bags suit many different bagging scenarios.

Bleached white twist carriers are produced from a heavier strength of Kraft paper than the flat-handled paper carriers. The handle is manufactured from lengths of white bleached Kraft paper twisted together resulting in an incredibly strong carrier and handle.

Much like the lightweight flat handle carriers the twist carrier features enhanced capacity due to the side gusset and sits comfortably on any flat surface thanks to the block-bottom design.

Increasingly popular in fashion and retail stores, they look modern, clean and stylish plus, they're functional and represent overall quality.

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Strong twisted paper handles.
  • Traditional brown bags are available.
  • Reusable, as long as they don't get wet!
  • Bespoke printing is available on MOQ.

320mm are now boxed and priced in 200's.

White Kraft Twist Handle Carrier Bags
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