Bespoke - Custom Printed Tape

Bespoke Carters Packaging tape designed to help seal your packaging. Get your own tape made by us today!

Having been firmly embedded within the packaging industry for over 30 years, the team at Carters Packaging understands how important reputation and professional identity are to a business, by putting your branding on tape or other commonly used products (for example: cups, coasters, bags or pens) you may help expand your customer reach by publicising your business.

If you are interested in incorporating a touch of bespoke printing within your product range or your general packaging (bag, tape, boxes etc) then please do get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. View our contact details here.

Orders subject to a minimum order quantity.

Cost will be affected by:

  • Amount of colours in print: 1, 2, full colour etc.
  • Type of tape: Polypropylene, Vinyl etc.
  • Quantity required.
  • Please allow for at least a few weeks for bespoke print jobs.
  • First runs will require printing plates (fees apply).