Certain Situation Bags: travel sickness and sanitary or certain food situations

Specific Requirement Bags

This range of specific requirement bags are designed for a particular application. Whereas most of our goods are versatile and suitable in many environments, this range of bags have been created with a sole purpose in mind. Although, to be fair, you may find a product here suitable for your purpose which is nothing like it's original intended use!

+ Disposable Sanitary Travel Bags


Crinoline Lady Paper Bags for the disposal of sanitary towels and similar waste products. A simple, effective and necessary solution.

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+ Fish and Chips Printed Carrier Bags


Bleached Kraft paper bags with a charming printed design.

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+ Potato Sack | Printed Paper 25kg Sack


Potato Sack - 25kg
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Strong 3ply paper sack capable of holding 25kg of potatoes.

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