Thermal Rolls For Tills & Credit Card Machines

Glossy coat on one side of the rolls designed for premium quality till receipts.

Thermal till rolls will produce high quality receipts due to the ink transfer process; which consists of heated pins pushing against the thermal paper (which has a heat sensitive layer) this in turn produces an image. Thermal till rolls are a trusted and reliable method for producing receipts and may result in your cash registers shelf life increasing, as this paper will not produce dust which is renowned for clogging up tills. The use of ‘Chip n Pin’ in the current economic climate has resulted in the demand for thermal paper increasing as the amount of machines requiring this form of till paper has escalated. Thermal paper is smooth on the side that should be printed, because this is the side with the thermal coat.

Positive Aspects of thermal paper:

  • No ink cartridges
  • No ribbon replacement
  • Consistently clear and readable printing

Our thermal rolls are manufactured in the UK from the finest European papers, producing a consistently reliable product. All of the thermal paper till rolls we sell are approved for use in IBM and Epson printers.

Generally, we find the most popular size for credit card machines is the 5740T, although if you use a slimline machine the 5730T may be the better option as it has a smaller diameter. 

If you have any doubt as to which rolls would best suit your machine, please contact us.

Thermal Rolls For Tills & Credit Card Machines
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