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Cost-effective disposable polystyrene cups with plastic lids in a full range of sizes. Ideal for hot drinks like tea and coffee.

White expanded polystyrene (styroweave) drink cups are an economical approach to storing and transporting both hot and cold liquids such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even cereal. These traditional containers are practical as they are comfortable to hold, easy to dispose off and a great insulator of heat; helping to keep the hot beverages warm whilst waiting to be consumed. Currently we have five different sizes available ranging from a smaller 7oz to a generous 16oz.

If you are looking for wider containers within this range - Check out our Polystyrene Food Containers and Tubs.

The lids for these cups vary in both style, size and design so please make sure you choose the right one. We currently do not have a lid which fits the 16oz cup, however if you are in need of these or you are not sure what lid to choose then please contact us for additional support.

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