Vegware White Cups | Compostable Cups

Eco-friendly cups made from thick double-wall cardboard, providing extra strength and resilience to heat.

White biodegradable cups that have a double layer of PLA based for extra strength and have been produced from sustainable forest paper. These cups are sturdy and are an excellent option for both hot or cold drinks.

These cups are 100% compostable since they incorporate a bio-plastic lining derived from plants, plus they are available in both an 8oz ad 12oz capacity and at a competitive price. Popular takeout option for food outlets and ‘green’ events, music concerts and festivals.

  • Strong double-wall design.
  • 100% Vegware compostable.
  • Suitable for hot drinks.
  • Plain white design.
  • Compostable lids are available.
Vegware White Cups | Compostable Cups
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