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Heat barrier Kraft ripple cups have quickly become the most popular choice of disposable cup for hot drinks. Made from sustainable paper.

Kraft ripple cups are essentially double-wall hot cups finished with a layer of Kraft "ripple" paper on the outside. This rippled outer layer prevents the hot contents burning the hands and aids heat retention of the product within. In fact, their insulation properties are probably only bettered by polystyrene cups which do not have the aesthetical or environmental appeal of these kraft ripple cups.

Our ripple cups are manufactured from sustainable paper. These cups are fully recyclable where facilities exist, the polythene liner is separated from the paperboard and subsequently recycled and the paperboard is re-pulped for use in recycled products. There are various cup collection schemes operating nationwide, we recommend you make your own enquiries regarding collection schemes and recycling streams and facilities.

We have two types of lids available:

Compostable: These lids are manufactured from plant-based materials and are 100% compostable, subject to the required environment.

Polystyrene: These lids can be recycled at appropriate facilities. Please check with your local recycling team to see if they accept them.

  • Strong double-wall design.
  • Kraft ripple layer for added protection from heat.
  • Insulates drinks inside.
  • PE Coating on the inside.

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