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Lightweight polystyrene boxes consisting of both the base and lid. Provides an excellent packaging solution for meats, cheeses and fish.

Our Polystyrene Boxes are a safe and hygienic method of packaging fish, poultry and other forms of meat but could be used for a variety of other packaging applications. Due to the variety of sizes, their ability to hold ice and the all-round versatility of these containers we are finding more and more customers are choosing them as their food packaging solution.



Box Size: KGExternal Dimensions: (L x W x H)Internal Dimensions: (L x W x H)
1.5KG340 x 200 x 135mm300 x 165 x 100mm
3KG410 x 270 x 130mm370 x 230 x 80mm
6KG410 x 270 x 170mm370 x 230 x 120mm
8KG420 x 340 x 165mm385 x 305 x 110mm
8KG DEEP420 x 340 x 210mm385 x 305 x 150mm
10KG590 x 365 x 155mm550 x 325 x 108mm
12KG500 x 358 x 210mm460 x 320 x 150mm
15KG590 x 365 x 185mm550 x 325 x 138mm
20KG600 x 400 x 265mm550 x 350 x 200mm
25KG 705 x 480 x 265mm665 x 440 x 180mm
25KG HAKE750 x 380 x 280mm700 x 325 x 170mm

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