Striped Paper Straws

'Retro style' paper straws!

With the consequences of plastic becoming more and more of an issue throughout the world, our paper straws are fast becoming a major player in the food industry. They are incredibly stylish with their 'rock cafe' design, easy to incorporate into existing product lines and a happy addition to any smoothie, ice-cream based dessert or extravagant drink.

They are fast-movers so stock can sometimes take a few days to replenish!


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Paper Striped Straws: R/W 6mm 'Retro style' paper straws!
8in 6mm Red/White Batch ( 100 ) £3.25£3.00£2.75£2.50£2.25 £0.00
Paper Straws B/W 6mm 'Retro style' paper straws!
8in 6mm Black/White Pack ( 100 ) £3.25£3.00£2.75£2.50£2.25 £0.00
Paper Straws R/W 'Retro style' paper straws!
9in 8mm Red/White Pack ( 100 ) £4.50£4.20£3.95£3.75£3.45 £0.00