Perforated & Wicketed Fresh Produce Bags

Clear polythene bags designed for picking fresh produce.

Plastic food-safe bags which have punched holes in both sides aimed at keeping freshly picked produce in a breathable environment. The bags feature block perforations in order to achieve a clean tear when quickly removed from the wicket.

The wicket can be attached to a belt; hence these bags are commonly referred to as cabbage bags or lettuce bags and are practical bags for those working in plantations, fields and on farmland.

The smaller size is suited for lettuces with the larger sizes favouring cabbages or cauliflowers.

  • Small air-hole perforations on both sides.
  • Block perforations to aid in easier dispensing.
  • Perfect for lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower.
  • Simple, functional and cost-effective.

Prefer non-wicketed perforated bags?.

Limited range.

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Perforated Cabbage Bags on Wicket 300 x 450mm Clear polythene bags designed for picking fresh produce.
300mm 450mm 26mu Perf/Wkt 12 x 18" Batch/1000 £43.45---- £0.00

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