Heat Blower - Hot Air Gun

Practical handheld tool enabling users to apply heat to shrink film in a safe and easy manner. This is a professional Packer tool that will deliver consistent results.

Comfortable and compact, this powerful 2000w hot air blower is an ideal choice for implementing the shrinking process manually to lightweight polyolefin and polythene films. This hand-held system is an ideal option for shrinking in smaller batches with items like CD's, DVD's, boxes of chocolate, board games and so on. These handy systems have been designed for minmal stress, are lightweight enabling it to be held for longer periods of time and this model comes with a small stand for practicality. Overall it is easy to use and is competitively priced..so don't blow your chances of getting your hands on this tidy heat blower today!

Heat Blower - Hot Air Gun
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