Heavy Duty Polythene Bags LDPE 250g (62mic)

Mid-weight, clear polythene bags in a selection of sizes. These medium duty bags are suitable for a huge array of bagging tasks where a more substantial bag is required.

This range of low-density polythene (LDPE) bags has been produced from 62.5mu (250g) film, offering a stronger alternative to 30mu bags. The ideal blend between cost and strength-performance, the 250g bags are favoured among many businesses.

  • Food-safe bags.
  • 250g LDPE: Strong and middleweight film.
  • Excellent clarity of products within.
  • Supplied in dispensing packs or boxes.
  • A practical range of sizes in stock.

Finished product protection and presentation can be enhanced by sealing these bags with a heat sealer. Another popular option is using a neck sealer.

Heavy Duty Polythene Bags LDPE 250g (62mic)
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