Heavy Duty Polythene Bags LDPE 500g (125mic)

Heavy-weight, clear polythene bags in a selection of sizes. These heavy duty bags are suitable for a huge diversity of bagging tasks where strength and durability are paramount.

This range of low-density polythene (LDPE) bags is produced from a thick 125mu (500g) film. So if strength, durability and puncture-resistance are your main concerns, these bags will perform. Ideal for tough applications and the more hostile environment. Suitable for bagging machine parts, equipment, heavy rolls, aggregates, cereals, grains, powders, logs, kindling, etc.

  • 500g LDPE: Very strong and thick bags.
  • Excellent clarity of products within.
  • Supplied in dispensing packs or boxes.
  • A practical range of sizes in stock.

Finished product protection and presentation can be enhanced by sealing these bags with a heat sealer. Another popular option is using a neck sealer.

Heavy Duty Polythene Bags LDPE 500g (125mic)
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