Degradable Eco-Friendly Vest Carriers

Carrier bags which are 100% degradable and more environmentally friendly than other similar shopping bags.

Carrier bags have been blended with a special, safe-additive that enables them to breakdown over time (when exposed to certain conditions).

So how do they break down?

The bags need to ideally be put into a commercial compostable environment aimed at breaking down biodegradable materials. This means a location where they can be exposed to oxygen, heat, light and micro-organisms which encourage the rapid decay of the molecules within the bag. According to the manufacturer it can take anywhere from 2-5 years for the bags to break down because the degradation is dependent upon the uncertain variables affecting the bag.

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  • Cost-effective bagging option.
  • Sleeved internally in 100's.
Degradable Eco-Friendly Vest Carriers
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