Potato Sack | Printed Paper 25kg Sack

Strong 3ply paper sack capable of holding 25kg of potatoes.

Heavy-duty paper sacks produced from strong 70gsm Kraft paper with 3ply wet-strength and durability.

Unlike some other forms of packaging, paper allows the contents to breathe and therefore not suffer much from condensation. The side gussets offer increased capacity, simpler usability and easier operator handling.

The bottom of each sack has a secure and durable seal, being either folded and stitched or more commonly having a stitched crepe seal (stock varies at times).

These paper sacks will preserve freshness and resist moisture. Used extensively for bagging potatoes, unsurprisingly! However, if you don't mind the pre-printed message, they are equally suited to other root vegetables, grains, seeds, animal feeds.

  • Strong 3ply wet-strength Kraft paper.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Maintains freshness.
  • Load capacity: 25kg.
  • Plain sacks available.

Want custom printed or bespoke sized paper sacks? Please contact us.

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25kg Printed Potato Sack (3 Ply)https://www.carterspackaging.com/media/5_150_E300_Potato-Sack-25kg_7d3f5b.jpgStrong 3ply paper sack capable of holding 25kg of potatoes.
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