Standard and Heavy Duty Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins | Heavy Duty Tarps

Plastic tarpaulins offer protection against the elements and help keep machinery, merchandise and belongings in good condition when stored.

We have a great selection of both standard or heavy duty tarpaulins available in different sizes. All of which are flexible, strong and provide resistance against water, dirt, moisture and changes in temperature. Tarpaulin covers are a great way to keep outdoor and indoor spaces, equipment, cars, bicycles and tools protected from a variety of factors including wind, moisture, frost, animals and they also provide shelter from the prying eyes of thieves. All of our featured tarpaulins boast a cord reinforced hem and contain small eyelets at 1m intervals allowing for easy securing in even the toughest of conditions.

Standard / Economy

The standard tarpaulins, also known as our economy tarps are made from a lightweight 110GSM and aimed at providing protection for your household equipment, outdoor seating area, cars and bicycles. This range of tarps includes smaller white options and larger blue options.

Heavy Duty / Market Stall

The heavier duty green and white striped tarpaulins are a thick 180GSM and UV stabilised to provide long lasting colour and protection from the sun, even in the peak of summer! These particular ‘market stall theme’ tarps are produced with a dense weave construction with an superior polyethylene coating on either side providing additional protection against tears, punctures and day to day use.

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+Tarpaulins | Standard Duty Tarps 110GSM


A fine balance between strength, size and affordability. Standard tarps are ideal for protecting outdoor objects, various colours available.

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