Woven Cord Polyester Strapping

Manufactured from premium grade polyester yarns in a woven structure, resulting in a product as strong as steel strapping.

Woven cord polyester strapping has a higher tensile strength than even steel strapping thanks to its woven construction, which provides bi-directional strength and split resistance. Coupled with our range of buckles, woven cord polyester strapping creates the strongest system strength possible through the most reliable and toughest joint in the strapping industry. In addition to outperforming steel strapping in terms of tensile and system strength, our woven cord polyester strapping has excellent elongation properties and enhanced ‘elastic memory’ which keeps the load under tension, even after impacts or load shifts which would break steel strapping. Impressive!

Woven cord polyester strapping can be used for a variety of applications from light/medium weight uses right through to extra-heavyweight load securement. Although it is a very tough strapping material, it is also very forgiving and user-friendly. It is lightweight making it more manageable and easy to use and because of its softer nature is less likely to cause product or cosmetic damage; compared with steel strapping it is ultra-safe since upon cutting it is not going to lash back, and there are no sharp edges to contend with.

  •     Safer to use, handle and dispose of.
  •     Cost-effective – cheaper than steel strapping.
  •     Softer with no sharp edges (does not damage your products)
  •     Shock absorbent, tension memory and elongation.
  •     As strong as steel.
  •     Lightweight & portable.
  •     Will not rust or rot – so does not stain consignment.
  •     Chemical resistant.
  •     Weather resistant.
  •     Re-tensionable.

Applying woven cord polyester strapping is quick and easy. The strap needs to be tensioned with a manual hand tool which is economically priced and suffers minimal wear & tears during the process so have good longevity.

Pallet Quantities: If you are interested in purchasing pallet quantities of any of our strapping, then please do give us a call as we can in most cases offer a favourable reduced rate.

Different sizes also available upon pre-order.

Woven Cord Polyester Strapping
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