Steel Strapping Mobile Dispensers

Mobile dispenser trolleys for storing, transporting and dispensing steel strapping. These dispensers reduce the risk of injury and create a faster, more efficient and more productive packing operation. What's not to like about that?!

A choice of mobile dispensers for Steel Strapping in both Ribbon Wound and Mill Wound (oscillated) forms, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity whilst creating a tidier and safer workplace.

Let’s face it, steel strapping can be heavy and awkward to manoeuvre and can become a damn nuisance and a trip hazard when left lying around on the floor. We would highly recommend a mobile dispenser when utilising steel strapping, and in terms of efficiency and productivity, it will pay for itself in a short period of time. Added to this, dispensers prevent the strap from becoming twisted and hence unusable, and prevent damage which may be caused by other sources (“oh sorry I didn’t see it there”!). So to reduce waste whilst increasing simplicity, efficiency, productivity, safety, and general workplace tidiness, opt for one of our Steel Strapping Dispensers!


  • A simple, affordable solution that benefits from a robust construction ensuring this dispenser will cope with the rigours of the packing environment for a long period of time. This mobile dispenser benefits from an integral tray to hold seals and strapping tools – ensuring everything you need is at hand, and you are not left roaming the workplace looking for misplaced tools or seals! Classic, proven ‘sack trolley’ style of design. Exceptionally simple yet highly functional and represents fantastic value. 


  • The NSD800 is a very simple yet clever design of a mobile strapping dispenser which lends itself to use in enclosed spaces and narrow aisles. This durable dispenser is of robust construction enabling it to cope with the demands of holding and applying steel strapping, and we would expect it to last for a considerable period of time when utilised correctly. The dispenser is fully adjustable to accommodate strap widths from 12mm to 32mm. This mobile dispenser is ideal for manoeuvring between pallets, racking, etc. and any workplace where access is limited, such as around timber packs in sawmills for example. Given the increased difficulties of working in tight spaces, your packers will be delighted with you should you invest in this Narrow Aisle Steel Strapping Dispenser! 


  • Rolls of Mill Wound (or oscillated) Steel Strapping are heavy, heavier than Ribbon Wound, and therefore the dispenser to suit has to be a really decent bit of kit. And that’s exactly what this HDMW60 is – a serious piece of equipment! Designed to cope with the harsh realities of Mill Wound Steel Strapping and its application, this dispenser features large diameter rubber wheels to make for easy manoeuvrability, even on uneven floors. It also incorporates a large capacity metal tray for storing seals and tools – ensuring everything you need is at hand, and you are not left roaming the workplace looking for misplaced tools or seals! Being constructed of metal as opposed to plastic, and because it is a fixed tray, it is likely to still be in place when the dispenser finally dies! This heavy-duty dispenser trolley is built to last and is the perfect solution for storing, transporting and dispensing Mill Wound Steel Strapping. Furthermore, this dispenser will also accept rolls of Polypropylene or Polyester (PET) strappings on a 406 core. So, not only is it one tough mother, it’s also highly versatile!
Steel Strapping Mobile Dispensers
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