Brown M.G Kraft Block Bottom Bags (Rose Shaped)

An alternative to the more common SOS style bag, these 'Rose shaped' bags are machine glazed and manufactured from a ribbed brown Kraft paper. A premium product, these bags will reflect the quality of your goods.

Our machine glazed brown Kraft bags are a variation of the more commonly seen SOS style of bag. These bags are produced without side gussets, and because they are constructed with the familiar block bottom base they still benefit from the ability to open wide similar to an SOS style bag. It's a fairly unique construction of bag, and its shape lends its name to it being known as a rose-shaped block bottom bag. Because of its historic application this style of bag is also sometimes referred to as block bottom flour bags. The ribbed Kraft offers a strong paper, whilst the machine glaze affords the bag a degree of barrier against the elements and damp. As with our PremKraft range, this type of bag would be popular as a grocery bag in the USA. Whilst historically used to bag flour, and still is today, this type of bag is equally suitable for most other dry foods, fruit & veg (makes freshly dug potatoes highly appealing), and is equally competent in bagging groceries, baked goods, garments, haberdashery, DIY items, etc.

In summary, this is a strong and versatile paper satchel that looks stylish and is finished to a high quality and would be suitable for a host of bagging applications be they food or non-food. This range of bags would be quite happy in markets, retail stores and bakeries, delis, farm shops, and pretty much any other kind of outlet.


Please contact us for alternative bag solutions: 01209 204 777.

Brown M.G Kraft Block Bottom Bags (Rose Shaped)
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