Pallet Wrap - Extended Core

Clear pallet wrap on extended cardboard cores, produced from up to 50% recycled content.

The stretch films in this category are wound onto extended cores. These are cardboard cores which extend past the width of the film by about 100mm on each side. These protruding cores can then be used as handles. These extended core pallet wrap rolls would not be used in conjunction with any dispenser and would be utilised in the following way:

Extended core stretch film is our most popular form of pallet wrap hand rolls, because of its effectiveness and ease of use. There is no need for ancillary equipment and because the user has direct hold of the roll there is a good ‘feel’ of the process, allowing for appropriate and consistent tension to be accurately applied. Because the hands are on the outside of the core, as opposed to the fingers being inserted within the core, friction burn is minimalized. Extended core pallet wrap rolls are a highly effective option for wrapping pallets and we would recommend their use in most situations, including where a reasonable volume of pallets are frequently being wrapped. Where a customer is using mid-high volumes of any hand stretch film rolls we would encourage them to explore the viability of investing in a stretch wrapping machine and utilising machine rolls of pallet wrap.

  • Up to 50% recycled content.
  • 17mu high-quality stretch film.
  • Extended cardboard core for easier handling.

Blown stretch film is a highly popular and respected material for wrapping pallets and their contents securely and efficiently. The process in which this blown stretch film is made results in it being very strong, tough to puncture and resilient to tearing; making it a perfect choice for securing and protecting pallets of product. Our blown stretch films require a little more muscle to stretch than cast stretch films, however, the resulting tension created is well worth the effort as it is the tension which leads to load containment, and since the film will attempt to ‘shrink’ back to its pre-stretched state this tension is sustained.

Pallet Wrap - Extended Core
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