Disposable Deli Containers | Styrofoam Tubs

Disposable polystyrene food tubs are highly versatile and made from economical foam. Wider tubs for olives, soups, noodles, stuffed peppers and dips.

Disposable white polystyrene (styroweave) food containers are a practical approach to storing and transporting a broad range of food products reliably and securely. Our foam tubs are comfortable to hold and will help insulate any hot food produce whilst protecting hands in the process. These takeaway food tubs are an economical food packaging option and very popular in the fast-food industry with foods like: mushy peas, curry sauces, stuffed peppers with cream cheese, olives, crab meat, noodles and even soup. Polystyrene is recyclable and a very affordable packaging solution. Currently we have five different sizes in stock, each varying in shape and proportions. Lids are sold separately but listed under each corresponding tub for convenience.

We can also offer a 16oz tub (noodles) so if this interests you or if you have any questions then please contact us.

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