Traditional Cork Stoppers

Traditional cork stoppers made from authentic cork and designed for use with our square oil bottles. Together they make practical and beautiful gifts.

Large Cork Stopper:

Traditional standard sized cork that is smooth and slightly bevelled cork stopper used to secure contents within a variety of different bottles but within our range it fits the 200ml – 500ml Ducale and Esmerelda square oil bottles. This stylish cork not only secures the contents within the bottle but also helps enhance the overall visual style of the bottles. Easy to insert and remove, this functional stopper is a practical choice.

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Cork Summary

Cork is a light and versatile material that is mainly extracted from the bark of Cork Oak Trees and is very special as a material as it is durable in harsh weather conditions and never rots. The trees ideally have to be around 20 years old before the bark is removed to obtain the most optimal quality of the resource. Since its discovery in the 14th Century it has been used to build ships and fishing boats, crafted into floor tiles and since the Englishman Robert Hooke identified a new method of using Cork to seal wine bottles, it is no coincidence that it is now commonly used as stoppers in Wine bottles on a global basis.

There are two kinds of raw Cork used in the world today. The first is Corkwood and is what makes up the wine stoppers we all are used to seeing today. Due to its properties Cork is significantly lighter that water and is filled with air, which restricts the amount of water being allowed to penetrate the corks cells and allows it to float. It is also odourless and tasteless making it perfect for sealing and protecting wine. The second form of Cork is grinding Cork, which is commonly broken down through a grinding process and mixed with a binding material in order to be made into pipe covering, shoe fillers and gaskets for vehicles.