Heat Guns and Blowers for Shrink Film

Shrink Film Heat Guns - Blowers

Shrink film heat systems will reduce operator stress and provide an easy, safe and controlled manner in which to professionally package products.

+ Heat Blower - Hot AIr Blower


Hot Air Blower
From £58.75

Practical handheld tool enabling users to apply heat to shrink film in a safe and easy manner. This is a professional Packer tool that will deliver consistent results.

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+ Heat Shrink Guns - Comparison


Powerful high quality Heat Guns designed to work with Shrinkfilms made from heavy duty plastics like Polythene and Polypropylene. Highly effective when working with irregular products and for increasing operator efficiency.

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+ GSG100 - Heat Gun & Spare Parts


Our most economical heat gun with the least power but still an excellent all-round heat system.

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+ Ripack 2200 - Heat Gun & Spare Parts


An industry favourite the premium Ripack 2200 has been designed to be both safe and efficient.

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+ Ripack 3000 - Heat Gun & Spare Parts


With all the features of the Ripack 2200, this newer model boasts a more powerful output and additional extras (sell full list in tabs below).

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+ TSG65 Shrink Film Heat Gun


Shrinks polythene sheets and covers of all thicknesses to protect packages, parts and machines of all shapes and sizes.

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