Stretch Wrapping Machines - Turntables

An innovative method of increasing productivity and reducing operator stress.

When working with Pallet Wrap (Stretch Films), the manual application process can at times be highly stressful. It takes time and energy to manually apply film to pallets, which can delay deadlines, slow down productivity and take its physical toll on the staff members involved. By introducing a Pallet Wrapper Turntable (vertical stretch wrapping machine) you can help eliminate operator fatigue, increase productivity as operators can be performing other duties whilst the machine does its thing, and each model features multi-level controls to help implement a hassle-free, semi-automated process.

We work with some of the highest quality manufacturers in the industry and with so many customisable features now available with each model, we highly recommend you contact us to discuss what would be the best and most viable solution for your business goals.

Please Note: The type of stretch film you use will drastically impact on what machine is suitable for your requirements. Standard, Pre-Stretch and Powered Stretch each require different capabilities so please contact us for more information.

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