Disposable Sanitary Travel Bags

Crinoline Lady Paper Bags for the disposal of sanitary towels and similar waste products. A simple, effective and necessary solution.

These sanitary bags are ideal for the hygenic disposal of female sanitary products. Manufactured from a strong white bleached Kraft paper, the bags incorporate side gussets which facilitate easy opening, thus allowing easy item insertion. Printed with the familiar image of the Crinoline Lady (in fact these bags are often referred to as Crinoline Bags) these bags are located throughout the land in bathrooms, toilets, and washrooms for the hygenic disposal of sanitary waste. Strung in one corner, a batch is easily removed from the pack for placement in the desired location, supplying adequate provision for your customers requirements.

Please note these bags should be disposed of responsibly - please seek advice from your waste disposal supplier.

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Disposable Sanitary Travel Bags
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