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Polythene carrier bags have long been an economical and functional favourite for retailers; and despite bad press, they are often far more environmentally friendly than given credit for! Please browse our comprehensive collection here, which includes Vest, Varigauge, Patch Handle, Punch Handle, and Degradable, all in an array of sizes....

+ Punched-Out Handle Carrier Bags


Punched-out handle, small carrier bags which are available in a range of colours including clear or white. Strong plastic shopping bags which are ideal for the high street, gift shops and fashion outlets.

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+ White Patch Handle Carrier bags


White patch handle carrier bags, produced from low density polythene and benefiting from a reinforced handle to enhance strength. Suitable for a variety of medium weight applications, Well priced, mid-range carrier bags with an attractive appearance.

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+ Black and Gold Plastic Carrier Bags


Gold and black striped HDPE carrier bags provide a sophisticated packaging solution for any gift shop or retail outlet.

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+ Coloured Variable Gauge Plastic Bags


Premium quality polythene carrier bags with strengthened handles in an array of colours and sizes. Strong and colourful they make excellent shopping bags for any product and as such are a hugely popular choice for many customers.

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+ White Variable Gauge Carrier Bags


Our premium varigauge carrier bags in a range of sizes. Always a popular colour choice, this range is purely white....modern, clean, practical, and affordable.

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