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An industrial packaging favourite, this versatile material comes with a range of cores and in a variety of different sizes, strengths and colours.

Our rolls of Blown Stretchfilm Pallet Wrap are tough and durable, with a high tear resistance and a high degree of memory once stretched allowing loads to stay better secured.

All of our Pallet Wrap Stretchfilm Rolls in these categories are manufactured using the blown film manufacturing process. This procedure produces a very strong film which has terrific holding power thanks to its ability to attempt to return to its original state after stretch. The film also has great tear- and puncture-resistance properties. The film benefits from a single-sided cling, and the load should be wrapped with the clingy side facing inwards so that the film clings to itself, whilst reducing the effect of wrapped pallets or loads sticking together during transit/unloading. Blown film stretch films allow for easy tensioning of the film, which is paramount to the product performing effectively, resulting in securely wrapped, stable loads. 

Standard Cores – Cardboard cores which barely extend the width of the film. Can be used with or without a dispenser. 

Extended Cores – Rather than being flush, the core extends beyond the width of the film by almost 4”, creating integral handles. 

Plastic Cores – Adds a few pence to the cost of a roll, but is highly beneficial in wet or damp environments, and any scenario where plastic may be preferred to cardboard.

Our film strengths:

17 micron (17mu) – Our 17mu Pallet Wrap is an excellent product and is suitable for a multitude of tasks. A hugely popular choice with our customers; we do not under gauge our pallet wraps and therefore you may find this film suitable as a cost-saving alternative to the thicker stated film you are buying elsewhere. Similarly, lighter films are available but experience has shown us that our customers just end up using more of it by wrapping around the pallet lots of times – if this is your experience too, it’s probable our 17mu film will save you money and time.

34 micron (34mu) – Our 34mu Pallet Wrap is a heavy gauge product and is ideal for wrapping heavy loads such as car batteries, building materials such as blocks or stone, engineered parts and components, pallets of paper-based products, etc. Any application where the toughest wrapping film is required.

Hopefully, this will act as a guide to which thickness of the film will best suit your application. If you need something a bit stronger than the 17mu go for the 20mu, 23mu, 25mu…..etc.

We are packaging specialists, so if you are looking for a pallet wrap (stretch film) which is a specific micron, size or type which is not listed here, please do get in touch for a free no-obligation quotation.

+Pallet Wrap - Standard Core


Clear pallet wrap on standard cardboard cores, designed for wrapping pallets quickly and easily to protect merchandise and enhance the structural integrity of the load.

View Product3 Variations available
+Clear Pallet Wrap - Extended Core


Clear pallet wrap on extended cardboard cores, produced from 30% recycled content.

View Product1 Variation available
+Pallet Wrap - Plastic Core


Clear stretch film wound on extended plastic cores. Recommended for use in wet or damp environments and food manufacturing/processing plants.

View Product1 Variation available
+Pallet Wrap | Blue, Black or Red Films


Blue, black and red pallet wrap offers easier product/branding identification and enhanced privacy/added security to pallet contents.

View Product3 Variations available

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