Cleaning Sponges, Cloths Scouring Pads and Dish Cloths

Sponges, Cloths and Wipes

Everything you need to clean utensils, dishes and even yourself! We have dish cloths, sponges, scouring pads, baby wipes, disinfectant wipes and a range of other cleaning accessories.

+ Scouring Pads


Scouring Pads
From £1.75

Heavy duty green rectangular scouring pads are tough and made for tackling grime .

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+ Mini Stainless Steel Scourers


Stainless steel scourers are an ideal object for removing tough dirt and grime from food based items like saucepans and kitchenware.

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+ Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Scourers


Professional stainless steel scourers designed for heavy duty cleaning within the catering industry,

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+ Green Scourer / Sponges


Two layered heavy duty sponge combining the soft yellow sponge body on one side and a tough scouring pad on the other.

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+ J-Cloth Multipurpose Hygiene Wipes


These multi-purpose jay-type cloths can be used for a multitude of different cleaning tasks including: work surfaces, utensils or wahsroom floors.

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+ Dusters - Yellow Cloths


Polishing essentials - our dusters will help you maintain a dust-free workplace or household.

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+ Lavette Super Heavy Duty Cloths


Heavy duty cloths for multipurpose cleaning. Long lasting cloths which can be re-used and aired out for increased durablility.

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