Clear Plastic Grip-Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal Bags available in a range of sizes from stock. Their ability to be sealed and re-sealed means they can be reused again and again, offering great value for money. We also have heavy duty bags, and some with a write-on panel for labelling purposes. In addition we also stock black grip-seal bags for enhanced security.

Grip Seal bags are highly favoured for their ability to open and close easily and repeatedly. The air tight bags which range from tiny to extra-large of used throughout the packaging world for products such as screws, HDMI cables and computer hardware but of course could be easily used to package other items too. The plastic grip seal bag allows items to be protected from all sorts of potential hazards and damaging factors including moisture, dirt, dust and even salt in the air (if like us Cornish dwellers you live near the ocean!)

Anti-static grip seal bags are also a fine choice for anything electrical. With the constant release of updated hardware, refined, sleeker designs and new an array of new gadgets constantly bombarding the digital world, companies are often looking for a way to minimise packaging costs whilst still offering a valued, functional and recognised method of packaging for their latest merchandise.

Hence whilst the technology constantly changes the traditional, almost vintage grip seal bags still packs a whole lot of value into a pouch!

+ Plain Grip-Seal Bags - 160/180g


Clear polythene bags which can be resealed at will. These plastic bags are very popular for DIY items like hooks and screws. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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+ Heavy Duty Grip-Seal Bags - 350g


Heavy duty grip-seal bags made from a thicker 350 gauge polythene. Ideal for heavier or tougher products like nails or wall screws. Comprehensive range of sizes in stock.

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+ Write-On Grip-Seal Bags - 200g


Clear grip-seal bags with a write-on panel are ideal for labelling and identifying products easily and safely. Practical and a cost-effective choice for many scenarios (your tool shed or laboratory will never be unorganised again!).

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+ Grip-Seal Bags Euro Slot - 200g


Clear grip-seal bags but with the addition of the euro slot hole punched into the top of the bag making them easy to hang from shelving units.

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+ Large Black Grip-Seal Bags - 200g


Medium thickness 200 gauge (50 micron) black grip-seal bags offer greater privacy than the clear bags..

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+ Black Grip-Seal Bags - 350g


Thick 350 gauge (90 micron) black grip-seal bags offer greater security for the products kept within.

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+ Grip-Seal Specimen Bags - 200g


Grip-seal bags with an additional pouch generally suited to putting in written information like a record card, identification label or even another item.

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